Brown — (soft) sugar is the commingling of fine grain white sugar and a film of molasses (sometimes called cane sugar syrup). As more and/or darker molasses is present relative to sugar, the grade of brown sugar darkens from light, to medium, to dark, with an accompanying deepening of the caramel and butterscotch flavors so highly prized in the product. Cane brown sugars are produced directly from the dark syrups obtained during the refining process, whereas beet brown sugar is produced by coating white granulated sugar with cane molasses. Light (golden) and dark brown sugars are the two major types commercially available, as well as in-between grades.

Golden C® (Light) Brown Sugar
Yellow D® (Dark) Brown Sugar
®Trademarks of California and Hawaiian Sugar Co.

Brownulated — or Free Flowing brown sugar is a lower moisture version of ordinary brown. Free flowing brown sugar handles with less clumping and caking — ideal for automated weighing and scaling operations. ®Trademark of Domino Sugar Co.

Molasses — is the concentrated, clarified extract of sugar cane. It is the end product of sugar refining. Forty to sixty percent of molasses is sucrose and invert sugars, and the remainder inorganic nonsugars. Open Kettle Molasses is made by boiling cane juice until a large part of the water is evaporated. It is sometimes called unsulfured molasses. Centrifugal molasses results when part or all of the commercially crystallizable sugar is recovered from the concentrated cane juice, often in a series of steps where successive crystallization "strikes" result in molasses with deepening color and stronger flavor. The resulting types are known as first (light and sweet), second (dark, less sweet) and final (very dark, thick and bitter) molasses. The best grades, first and second, are used for table syrups, gingerbread and so forth. Final, or blackstrap molasses is considered inedible by some, but is used in yeast breads and baked beans by others. Molasses from sugar beets is not intended for human consumption.

Savannah Gold® — A free flowing brown sugar. ® Savannah Sugars